OttLite Lamps & OttLite Bulbs

The problem with standard lighting

Brighter doesn’t mean better. As the brightness increases, so does the glare. If you lower the brightness and increase the contrast, there’ll be less glare but colour and detail will be lost. What’s needed is the perfect balance of contrast and brightness, a balance that matches the wavelengths of the sun.

OttLite Lamps have the answer

Standard light bulbs are made from filament wire and inert gases, but OttLite bulbs are crafted to give you natural daylight indoors. It’s just like having a tiny sun in your lamp, but thankfully, a lot cooler. In fact, OttLite bulbs generate less heat and are exceptionally energy-efficient.

Take a look at our example below to see how OttLite lamps provide perfect lighting for your home and office, compared to standard and CFL lightbulbs.

OttLite Lamps

The difference is clear as daylight – OttLite lighting will help you work, read and create for longer. Plus, you’ll benefit from true colours, clearer details, less glare and reduced eyestrain, all thanks to the energy efficient, low heat OttLite bulbs.

Lamps for every task, and every room

OttLite lamps boast many useful features, such as adjustable shades, articulating shafts, and anti-reflective coatings. The wide range of desk, floor and task lamps mean that you’ll be sure to find the perfect OttLite lamp for your needs. Our Decor range will add a touch of class to any room, as you read or work.

A wide range of bulbs

Lampcraft stock the widest range of OttLite bulbs and tubes in Europe. We also stock legacy bulbs for older OttLite models, so whenever you purchased your lamp we are sure to have the right bulb for you. If you have any questions about finding the right bulb for your lamp, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.